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GRUBHUB - Brand Refresh


GrubHub found its initial success as a niche brand for digital-savvy urbanites. In order to expand its base of users, the  brand needed to “grow up”, moving beyond its traditional scrappy illustration style and college humor to one that had more mass appeal to a diverse crowd.



We created a new aesthetic and refined tone that featured real and personified food as the hero, making every occasion better by its presence. National multi-channel campaigns included many varieties of cuisine positioned in relatable moments and use-case scenarios.



The brand experienced exponential growth, adding new markets and new diners at a pace that positioned it for a successful IPO in 2014.

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ParkWhiz > Arrive - New Umbrella Brand Creation


ParkWhiz is a leader in the online parking reservations space. With a growing number of competitors in the category, ParkWhiz chose to expand its focus beyond the B2C parking reservations business to growing mobility platforms, partner integrations, and powering 3rd party parking and mobility solutions and ecosystems.



We created Arrive, the parent company of ParkWhiz, as a new entity that was broad enough to encompass online parking as well as the emerging world of connected mobility solutions. We conducted extensive market and positioning research, named the company and created a new logo, visual identity, tagline, communications and messaging platform.



The new company was immediately well received within the mobility space. After acquiring several complementary technology tools and platforms and growing within the mobility sector, Arrive was acquired by Flash in 2021.

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Plop Star - New Brand Creation and Design


There’s a Renaissance in the bathroom deodorizer category. From before-you-go sprays and drops to “Dude Bombs” by Mark Cuban, options and copy cats abound. But none solved the issue of portability, and the option of taking a solution with you when you are traveling, visiting friends and relatives, or attending neighborhood dinner parties.



I co-founded Plop Star, the world’s most discreet bathroom deodorizer. Humanity no longer needs to struggle with ineffective bathroom sprays, dangerous candles and matches, leaking Poopourri bottles at home or on the go, or suffer the embarrassment of a toxic bathroom experience. Plop Star is the ultimate portable deodorizing solution for when you need to go but don’t want to announce it to the world. We created a new product, a unique and fun name and a cheeky identity, engaging social content, and a commercial that landed us a spot on Shark Tank.



First year sales were tracking positive. A mid-season appearance on Shark Tank put everything into high gear. Though we did not receive a deal, massive consumer interest as well as retail inquiries blew through 12 months of inventory within 36 hours after the show aired. We experienced the classic “too much, too soon” Shark Tank effect on inventory, and after retooling our supply chain, will be up and running again at full capacity in the Fall of 2023.

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Wyzant - Brand redesign


Wyzant, the nation’s largest marketplace of independent tutors, was build on helping students catch up on on their studies or gain a competitive advantage. With an increase in interest amongst adult learners and those wishing to expand their career potential, Wyzant needed to update both its visual identity and value props/positioning in order to capture this more sophisticated and growing adult demographic.



A complete rebrand and repositioning included creating a new logo and brand visual identity, new positioning, messaging, website and app redesign, SEO landing page design and multivariate testing, and marketing campaigns.



Rapid growth in the adult learner category resulted in Wyzant being acquired in 2021.

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Clearcover - Brand repositioning & redesign


Clearcover is a 5-year-old insuretech that is redefining how people buy and interact with auto insurance. Its approach uses AI and machine learning to streamline both the purchasing and claims process, and passes those efficiencies on to the consumer in the form of lower premiums and more value. However, it faced the daunting situation of increasing awareness in a a hyper-competitive space while being outspent by its legacy peers, who often spend up to 2 billion dollars per company on media each year.



I led a team that rebranded Clearcover from a relatively conservative and unremarkable brand to one that embodied the merging of efficient technology with a strong sense of humanity, empathy, clarity and personality. A new logo and visual identity, visual ecosystem, messaging and copy platform, campaign executions starring our founder and real employees, and positioning that demystified the insurance process to empower confident decision making.



Regional campaigns were launched in the spring of 2022, resulting in double digit leaps in both awarness and purchase intent.

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